This project would not have been possible to undertake without the tireless support, guidance and contributions of professionals at American University and throughout the Washington, D.C. area.

First and foremost, the journalism students who spent their spring semester conceiving and creating this multimedia project owe a debt of gratitude to Amy Eisman, the director of Media Entrepreneurship & Special Programs in the School of Communication at American University. Professor Eisman’s oversight, media connections and advice helped guide the project forward, and she was an invaluable source of knowledge throughout the process.

Wendy Warren, editorial manager for digital at, for partnering with the students and providing guidance and editorial input on the overall vision of “VoiceLess.”

Maria Ivancin, president of the Market Research Bureau, for providing guidance to the students in the creation, development and analysis of the survey.

Angie Chuang, associate professor in the School of Communication at American University, for her guidance with challenging issues, editorial insights, source suggestions, and willingness to consult students on analytical aspects of the survey and overall project.

John Watson, associate professor and Chair of the Journalism Division in the School of Communication at American University, for his legal and ethical input on sensitive topics relating to the project.